Every year, the IIA Awards for Excellence in Architecture are awarded to professionals, recognising their significant contributions in 6 broad areas of Architecture, within the past one year.

The winners in six different categories were as follows:

Winner Ar. Kukke Subramanya, Bangalore
  Project House at 12 50’ 37, 27 N, Clover Fields, Tamil Nadu
Winner Ar. Oscar G. Concessao,
  Project Sastra Biotech Park, Tanjore, Tamil Nadu
Winner Ar. Pranav Desai, Mumbai
  Project Whistling Woods International Film City, Goregaon, Mumbai 
Winner Ar. Christopher Charles Benninger, Pune
  Project Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies, Lonavala
Winner Ar. Kiran Venkatesh, Bangalore
  Project Printo, Bangalore
Winner Ar. Hemant Mahajan, Pune
    Ar. Prashant Shah, Pune
  Project Excellence Center & Factory
Building, Rajguru Nagar
Winner Ar. Verendra Wakhloo, New Delhi
  Project Everest Office, Bhagwanpur,
Landscape Design
Winner Ar. Prachi Umesh Wakaley, Pune
    Ar. Umesh Wakaley, Pune
  Project Met’s B. Knowledge City, Nashik,
Research - No Awards given

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