Every year, the IIA Awards for Excellence in Architecture are awarded to professionals, recognising their significant contributions in 6 broad areas of Architecture, within the past one year.

The winners in six different categories were as follows:

Winner Ar. Rahul Gore, Mumbai
  Project House on The ridge, Pune
Winner Ar. Sandeep J, Bangalore
Ar. Vimal Jain, Bangalore
Ar. Manoj Ladhad, Bangalore
  Project Reddy House, White Field, Bangalore
Winner Ar. Shankuntala Ghosh, Kolkatta
  Project Software Development Centre,
Winner Ar. Santha Gour Mattoo,
  Project Vidyalankar Institute, Mumbai
Winner Ar. Kiran Venkatesh, Bangalore
  Project Regency, Bangalore
Winner Ar. Rahul Gore, Mumbai
  Project Blurring Boundaries, Mumbai
Winner Ar. Rahul Gore, Mumbai
  Project Planning Places, Mumbai

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