Every year, the IIA Awards for Excellence in Architecture are awarded to professionals, recognising their significant contributions in 6 broad areas of Architecture, within the past one year.

The winners in six different categories were as follows:

Winner Ar. Kukke Subramanya, Bangalore  
  Project Madhu’s Residence – Bangalore
Winner Ar. Kiran Venkatesh, Bangalore
  Project G.R.S Residence – Bangalore
Winner Ar. Christopher Charles
Benninger, Pune
  Project YMCA Camp site – Mumbai
Winner Ar. Vinod Makhesana, Rajkot
  Project Narmada Bal Ghar – Gujarat
Winner Ar. Sandeep J, Bangalore
    Ar. Vimal Jain, Bangalore
    Ar. Manoj Ladhad, Bangalore
  Project Jellyboy – Bangalore
Winner Ar. Snehal P. Shah, Surat
  Project K. G. House – Surat
Winner Ar. Varsha Ravindra Gavandi, Pune  
  Project ZENSAR Technologies –
Winner Ar. Shobhit Tayal, Ahmedabad
  Project The Village School-Learning Environment
& Building Infrastructure  –  Ahmedabad

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