Dear Friends,

It is a great pleasure to invite you once again, to join hands to honour members of our profession, who have contributed so much to the field of Architecture over the last year, and celebrate their achievements together as one community.

Over the last few years, along with engineers, doctors, scientists, technologists and creative professionals, Indian Architects have also been co-participants in India’s glorious journey of globalisation. I’m glad to note that the IIA Awards is a great tribute to the professional excellence of some of these Architects, whom I would like to heartily congratulate. Thanks to their dedication, Indian Architecture is gathering renown across the world.

IIA Awards has been gaining momentum since its inception. Changing environments and needs have changed or rather, increased its scope and coverage. Therefore, for the first time this year, we have taken numerous new initiatives to empower the Awards Institution to assume a bigger role in the global economy and bearing a bigger responsibility in recognising talent in the Architecture profession.

The IIA has been successfully organising the IIA Awards for the last 22 years. To achieve this feat, a few honorary members of our community have been consistently coming forward, to coordinate and manage the event every year, regardless of their professional and personal commitments. I’d like to sincerely thank these members for their immense dedication.

Finally, I hope all of you - the organizers, the invitees and the winners - would make every effort to make this year’s Awards Ceremony a grand success, and rejoice in the achievements of our fellow brethren.

Thank You!